Project Malala

The majority of the members of Pihcintu, and their families, have come from war torn countries where the ability to attend school on a daily basis is rare and the ability for girls to attend school at all even rarer. And, so-inspired by the actions and words of Malala Youfsazai – they have decided to build a school for girls in South Sudan, the country that several of the girls and their families were forced to flee.

It is their sincerest hope that in the next 12 months they will be able to raise enough funds to build a school and open the door to a brighter future to hundreds of young Sudanese girls thirsty for knowledge and hungry for hope. This will be a highly supervised project overseen by tribal elders here in the US and in South Sudan.

Pihcintu is a 501 3C organization and so any contribution you might consider is tax deductible. As soon as we break ground we will keep everyone updated by posting progress on our site.

Our sincere thanks for your kind time and consideration.

Onward and Upward,
Con Fullam
Founder, Director, Bus Driver, Snack Fetcher

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